Journalist of Aprili Media was physically assaulted by special forces

Giorgi Baskhajauri, a journalist for Aprili Media who covers ongoing processes at the parliament, was physically assaulted by special forces.

According to Baskhajauri’s report from the scene, he was beaten by law enforcement officers and subjected to the homophobic slur ‘f*ggot.’

‘They beat me, called me a f*ggot, told me to get the f*ck out of there, and I ran away while several robocops were hitting me,’ Baskhajauri recounted. ‘I kept telling them that I am a journalist. They called me a faggot, told me that I should learn to be smart, and then they let me go.’

Baskhajauri also reports that the violence started when TV media had left the area and that the attack by the special forces occurred despite the absence of any tension or confrontation, with few people remaining in the area.