Women’s Fund in Georgia – Review of November, 2023

ქალთა ფონდი საქართველოში

Women’s Fund in Georgia is a non-governmental organization. Its goal is to strengthen women and women’s organizations, initiative groups and activists in Georgia for the realization of women’s rights, their full participation in public life and self-realization, through financial and technical assistance, skill development, and the formation of feminist philanthropy.

Here is the overview of Women’s Fund in November, 2023.

  • Kato Mikeladze Award of Women’s Fund has returned after a one-year break. As they say in the organization, they discussed the challenges and problems related to the award in 2022 with invited advisers and took this pause to make changes and rebrand. After the rebranding, the way of presenting the candidates was changed, the areas of activity of the candidates were differentiated, the visual of the award, the award and the banner were changed, the amount of the monetary award was also increased, and so on. The deadline for submitting candidates for the 2023 Kato Award ended in November, and the organization is preparing for the event.

► The main purpose of establishing the Kato Mikeladze Award is recognition and appreciation of woman human rights defenders. Also, raising public awareness of their important activities, creating a safe work environment for women’s rights defenders, and encouraging new faces in the field of women’s rights protection.

  • Preparations have begun for the new season of Feminstream, a project of the Women’s Fund. In November, the selection of authors from the regions of Georgia ended. They will talk about the feminist movement in Georgia, alongside local challenges and mobilization strategies. The first podcast of the eighth season of Feminstream was also published .

► The text version of the podcasts will be posted on the sociopolitical online publication Publika, Aprili Media and the websites of the Women’s Fund. Podcasts will be published on Feminstream’s Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as on Soundcloud, Spotify and other platforms.