Women’s Fund in Georgia – Review of January, 2024

ქალთა ფონდი საქართველოში

Women’s Fund in Georgia is a non-governmental organization. Its goal is to strengthen women and women’s organizations, initiative groups and activists in Georgia for the realization of women’s rights, their full participation in public life and self-realization, through financial and technical assistance, skill development, and the formation of feminist philanthropy.

Here is the overview of Women’s Fund in January, 2024:

  • For the new season of Feminstream, the organization has already selected 5 authors who will start preparing a new series of podcasts from March. Feminstream is a feminist podcast published on Facebook and YouTube, as well as Soundcloud, Spotify and other platforms. In addition, the text version of the podcasts will be placed on the websites of both the Women’s Foundation and the social-political online publication Public and Media Aprili.
  • In January, Women’s Fund in collaboration with Zinc Network started working on gender disinformation, which will take the form of a campaign and within the framework of which the organization will cooperate with other local and international women’s organizations.
  • On February 1 and 7, the organization held two online webinars and discussions on the relationship between sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and environmental justice.
  • The Women’s Fund has produced a new podcast on social workers’ protests, care work and their role in a feminist context. In the podcast, Keti Khutsishvili, a social worker and gender researcher, talks about the unprecedented protest of social workers in Georgia and tells us about the long struggle to improve the social protection system.