Women’s Fund in Georgia – Review of December, 2023

ქალთა ფონდი საქართველოში

Women’s Fund in Georgia is a non-governmental organization. Its goal is to strengthen women and women’s organizations, initiative groups and activists in Georgia for the realization of women’s rights, their full participation in public life and self-realization, through financial and technical assistance, skill development, and the formation of feminist philanthropy.

Here is the overview of Women’s Fund in December, 2023:

  • On December 19, the presentation of Alexandra Aroshvili’s research, “Zones of Sacrifice”, was held, which was prepared with the support of the Fund. The focus of the presentation and discussion was “Georgian Women Facing an Extractive Economy: Mining and Energy”. The study was prepared within the framework of the project “Women’s Presence in Conditions of Extractive Practices”, which was implemented by the Women’s Fund in cooperation with the Mongolian (Mones) and Nepali (Tewa) women’s funds.
  • On December 22, the organization held the tenth Kato Mikeladze award ceremony. This year, an unprecedented number of nominees were nominated for the award, 17 of which were presented to the invited jury by the Women’s Fund. All Kato Prize winners were invited as jury members. The Kato Prize 2023 was awarded to queer and feminist activist Alla Parunova. The event was preceded by a one-year hiatus, which the Women’s Fund took to refine and improve the award and take into account suggestions received from supporters.
    ► To get to know Alla Parunova better, read the Media Aprili article — Alla Parunova: Us, Queers, Are Not a Group Torn Out of the Society, We Are a Part of It
  • On December 29, the Women’s Fund announced a new grant program, “Women’s Rights and Environmental Justice.” The goal of the grant program is to encourage women’s NGOs and informal women’s groups working on social and environmental justice to focus their efforts on women’s management of natural resources, to respond to social and environmental challenges, be it climate change, biodiversity, environmental pollution, chemical safety, waste management, women’s right to safe, clean and healthy environment and others. The deadline for submission of projects for consideration is January 22, 2024.