What Services Does Temida Have for Queers?


Local community organizations work to create equal and safe social, political and legal environments and respectful lives for queer people. To achieve the goal, in addition to different activities that involve queer rights advocacy, raising community awareness, and more, organizations also offer services to queer people.

Services include informing queer people about their rights, opportunities and non-discriminatory approaches; Also, legal and psychological services, social worker services, free tests for sexually transmitted diseases and more. Services are provided through various information campaigns, as well as with meetings and trainings.

Among the organizations are “Equality Movement“, “Temida“, “Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group” (WISG), “Tbilisi Pride“, “Peripheria“.

In this article, we will discuss the projects of Temida.

What Services Does Temida Have for Queers?


The queer association “Temida” was founded in 2015, with the support of the “Women’s Fund”, as a women’s club. The goal of the club was to strengthen the feminist movement in Georgia and support trans-feminism. A new board was elected in the organization in 2019, and today the organization positions itself as a trans-led, queer activist organization.

“Temida” is a queer-activist, left-wing trans community organization that organizes, works and fights for the construction of a safe, equal and dignified political, legal and social environment for trans and queer people, which is achieved through research-based, participatory advocacy;

The goal of the organization is to build a dignified, equal and fair political, legal and social environment for trans people, where their needs, concerns, challenges and rights are recognized and supported by the state and society.

The mission of the organization is to strengthen the voices, agency and participation of trans people and to promote community self-organization, which is achieved through direct support, empowerment and solidarity building of trans people.

The strategic directions of the organization’s work are:

  • Creating a fair, dignified and equal political, legal and social environment for trans and queer people;
  • The construction of a democratic, non-hierarchical, solidary trans community, which is achieved by providing all the necessary services to the members of the community and by means of democratic self-organization and collective action of the community for radical transformation;
  • Creating critical awareness of patriarchal, economic and cultural oppression and promoting the visibility of public discussions, as well as the experiences of queer and trans people, where the principles of non-harm, objectification and victimization are essential;
  • Building solidarity links with local and international progressive activist groups, organizations and alliances that fight and organize against economic, social, and cultural oppression.

Services of “Temida”

“Temida” offers various free and anonymous services. Among them are:

Temporary Residence

If you are a member of the LGBTQI community, experience violence or are in another crisis situation and have lost your home, “Temida” offers you temporary housing.

The residence operates 24 hours a day, where care is provided by a multi-functional team of specialists.

Services available in the residence:

  • Placing in the housing;
  • Three meals a day;
  • Social worker services;
  • Services of a psychologist;
  • Legal assistance;
  • Medical service;
  • Employment counseling.

If you need this service, you can contact the organization 24/7 by e-mail or phone:

Employment Consultant

In order to promote employment, queer association “Temida” offers individual and group consultations to interested individuals who are looking for work. Counseling meetings aim to provide jobseekers with information about employment opportunities, their labor rights, and help improve skills and competencies that will significantly increase their employability. Interested people will also be able to receive professional counseling and individual career planning services. This service is intended for people with trans and non-binary gender identities. Group counseling meetings are held once a month. To attend the meeting, you need to fill out the registration form.

Social Worker

“Temida” also offers free help from a social worker to trans and queer people. During critical situations, a social worker can:

  • Provide you with social company in any institution (a clinic, house of justice, police, etc.);
  • Co-financing of emergency medical expenses or medications;
  • Provision of food;
  • Employment counseling;
  • Finding a place to live;
  • Hormonal therapy consultation;
  • Counseling family members on gender-related issues.

To receive this service, the organization can be contacted with the following:

Legal Aid

“Temida” offers free legal assistance service to community members. The service includes legal representation, telephonic/remote consultation in administrative, civil and criminal cases.

Temida will help you legally even if you have become a victim of discrimination and violence due to your orientation/gender identity, or you have been denied services on discriminatory grounds, etc.

  • To receive this service, contact the following number: +995 555 95 81 16.

Peer Consultation

If you need to learn more about gender transition from other trans/non-binary people, this service is for you. Peer Educators provide online or office consultations on the following topics:

  • Hormonal therapy;
  • Breast reconstruction;
  • Genital reconstruction;
  • Friendly clinics and doctors;
  • Speech therapy;
  • Sexology, psychology, psychiatry – resources.

To book an appointment, call:

  • +995 555 958 116;

Contact the organization by e-mail:

HIV Testing / Condoms

For trans and queer people, Temida offers a preventive package for HIV and other sexual infections: condoms, lubricants and a rapid HIV test. You can also get tested and treated for other sexually transmitted diseases with a friendly doctor/consultant:

  • Syphilis;
  • Gonorrhea;
  • Chlamydiosis;
  • Trichomoniasis;
  • B and C viral hepatitis;
  • Fungal diseases.

You can contact the organization to receive the service as follows:

Psychologist Consultation

“Temida” also offers free psychologist services to trans/queer people. Psychologist services include initial consultation, psycho-diagnostics, therapy, if necessary, referral to a relevant specialist. Psychologist services are provided by friendly specialists, with full protection of confidentiality.

You can contact the mentioned service organization:

Changing the Name on the ID Card

If you want to change your name on your ID card, Temida offers a free name change support service for trans people. The organization will provide you with social support in the House of Justice and other administrative bodies for the change of your desired name in the identity document and other documents. If necessary, the organization will bear the corresponding financial cost.

To receive the service, contact the organization at the phone number:

  • +995 555 95 81 16

Or write to the organization’s e-mail address:

In case of additional questions about the services listed above (and not only), contact with Temida is possible by visiting the the contact column at the given link.

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