What Services Does Equality Movement Have for Queers?

თანასწორობის მოძრაობა

Local community organizations work to create equal and safe social, political and legal environments and respectful lives for queer people. To achieve the goal, in addition to different activities that involve queer rights advocacy, raising community awareness, and more, organizations also offer services to queer people.

Services include informing queer people about their rights, opportunities and non-discriminatory approaches; Also, legal and psychological services, social worker services, free tests for sexually transmitted diseases and more. Services are provided through various information campaigns, as well as with meetings and trainings.

Among the organizations are “Equality Movement“, “Temida“, “Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group” (WISG), “Tbilisi Pride“, “Peripheria“.

In this article, we will discuss the services of the Equality Movement.

What Services Does Equality Movement Have for Queers?

The non-governmental organization “Equality Movement” works on raising public awareness, strengthening the LGBTQ+ community, and advocating its rights. According to the vision of the members of the organization, they want us to live in a society where LGBTQ people do not experience violence and aggression because of their gender identity or sexual orientation, and in which members of the LGBTQ community and women are equal members of society.

The organization works in the following directions:

  • Ensuring access to healthcare services for the members of the LGBTQ community and women;
  • Mobilization of LGBTQ community members and women and promotion of integration;
  • Formation of an environment which is supportive to the empowerment of the LGBTQ community and women.

Among the target groups are:

  • LGBTQ community representatives and community activists;
  • Women;
  • Health and social service providers;
  • Representatives of various media;
  • Policy makers and decision makers;
  • Civil society;
  • Individuals employed in the field of education.

Services of the Organization

“Equality Movement” offers various free and anonymous services. Among them are:

Lawyer Service

The organization is ready to provide free legal assistance to anybody who has been a victim of discrimination based on gender identity and/or sexual orientation in any space, on the street, workplace, family or others.

In addition, the organization provides legal assistance to people who have experienced  violence, as well as to people who are being blackmailed, threatened, have their privacy rights violated, or have their rights as LGBT people illegally restricted.

The service includes providing consultations, preparation of legal documents, protection of interests and representation in administrative bodies and courts of all instances, in civil, administrative and criminal cases.

To receive free services, contact the organization on Facebook page or on phone: 0322 47 97 48

Psychologist Service

“Equality Movement” provides free psychological services to LGBT people. Psychological services include psychodiagnostics and helping measures during the client’s initial interview meeting, as well as individual and family psychological consultations and educational sessions.

Psychiatrist Service

Queer people can also receive free psychiatrist services in the “Equality Movement”. Psychiatrist services include psychodiagnostics and the client’s first interview during the meeting, assistance measures, individual consultations.

Anonymous Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

In “Equality Movement” you will be able to get a quick and easy testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Testing is done for HIV/AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis C and B. In addition, you will be able to get free condoms and lubricants in the organization.

Social Worker Service

“Equality Movement” also offers free social worker services to LGBTQ people. Social worker services include assessment, processing and monitoring of each case. Specifically:

  • Helping people improve their potential;
  • Connecting people to appropriate institutions, resources and services;
  • Improving organizations and their services according to people’s needs and wants;
  • Supporting for the formation and development of social policy.

Other information about the “Equality Movement” can be found on the organization’s website.

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