Temida — Review of February, 2024


The queer association Temida is a queer-activist, left-wing trans community organization that organizes, works and fights to create a safe, equal, dignified political, legal, and social environment for trans and queer people.

Here is the overview of Temida for February 2024:

  • On February 21, queer association Temida organized the presentation of the qualitative study conducted by the organization in 2023, “Transgender People’s Access to Sexual, Reproductive and Mental Health Services and the Experience of Receiving Services in Georgia”. The research was carried out within the framework of the project “Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Trans* People” supported by Women’s Fund in Georgia. Elene Kaikhosroshvili, a researcher of sexual and reproductive health issues, led the research together with the Temida team. The research report will be posted on the organization’s website and social networks in the near future.
  • Three community meetings were held in February within the framework of the ongoing project of Temida, “Rainbow Refugee Project“. The community meeting held at the office of the organization on February 24 was about hormone therapy for gender affirmation and issues related to it. The meeting was led by an invited specialist, an endocrinologist. Another meeting of the mentioned project was held on February 29 and was about the difficulties and techniques of dealing with anxiety and stress. Within the framework of the project, the organization offers assistance to members of the LGBTQ community who are affected by armed conflicts in the region, or internally displaced. You can view information about available services at the given link.
  • At the civil society forum held on February 26, the chairman of the board of Temida presented the HIV infection prevention project in the trans community, as well as the results of the “temporary housing” project and directions of advocacy. At the forum, dozens of civil organizations working on HIV infection/AIDS and tuberculosis issues presented the results of carried out projects, as well as advocacy issues of various groups and communities. Detailed information can be found on the organization’s Instagram page.
  • Temida, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Norway, is implementing a project within the framework of the Leadership, Equality, Advocacy and Democracy (LEAD) initiative, which aims to empower members of the queer community by providing important services for employment, including access to training programs and employment in terms of developing the necessary skills. Detailed information about the available employment within the mentioned project can be found at the given link. Within the framework of the same project, Temida is organizing employment workshops. Follow the organization’s Facebook and Instagram pages for information about the next workshop.

In addition, we remind you that the temporary housing service of the organization is still functioning and offers temporary housing to members of the LGBTQ+ community, people living in a violent environment and/or in other crisis situations. If you need the service, you can call +995 800 000 180 or send an e-mail to the organization at any time. Email: [email protected]. Detailed information related to the service can be found at the given link.