Tbilisi Pride — Review of March, 2024

თბილისი პრაიდი

Tbilisi Pride is a queer organization operating in Georgia, which works to create an equal and free environment for LGBTQ+ people by putting the challenges of the community on the political agenda, strengthening the community and changing public opinion. To achieve the set mission and goals, Tbilisi Pride uses visibility policy as its main tool.

We present to you the overview of Tbilisi Pride in March 2024:

  • The organization held three community meetings about political homophobia and the strategies to reduce it;
  • An educational article was prepared for parents Advice to Parents: How to Help Your Child to Coming Out?”. The article talks about the age when a person first becomes aware of their sexual orientation, how LGBTQ+ adults feel, and how to help your child feel comfortable talking about their sexuality;
  • Tbilisi Pride held a project writing and idea development workshop for parents of queer people in March;
  • The organization held a training for regional media representatives on dealing with disinformation and propaganda and ethical reporting of human rights issues;
  • Tbilisi Pride met with the Danish parliamentary and governmental delegation and the diplomatic corps operating in Georgia about the legal situation of the LGBTQ+ community in Georgia.