Tbilisi Pride — Review of January, 2024

თბილისი პრაიდი

Tbilisi Pride is a queer organization operating in Georgia, which works to create an equal and free environment for LGBTQ+ people by putting the challenges of the community on the political agenda, strengthening the community and changing public opinion. To achieve the set mission and goals, Tbilisi Pride uses visibility policy as its main tool.

We present to you the overview of Tbilisi Pride in January 2024:

  • On January 13, a screening of the film The Color of Pomegranates was organized in the office of Tbilisi Pride to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sergei Parajanov, the legendary director, artist of Armenian origin born in Tbilisi and imprisoned by the Soviet authorities on charges of homosexuality.
  • In January, the Tbilisi Pride office also hosted an Avalon game for community members and supporters for more socializing and bonding.
  • Tbilisi Pride team met with regional activists in Batumi and Lanchkhuti. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the local context, the reality in terms of human rights and the points of cooperation and mutual strengthening. In Batumi, the co-director of the organization, Mariam Kvaratskhelia, and a member of the Pride team, Tata Jackeli, conducted a training for local activists on LGBTQ+ issues and challenges.
  • Organized by Tbilisi Pride, a cultural event was held for members and supporters of the local community in Batumi, bar Adgili. The event consisted of a drag show and a musical evening.