Equality Movement — Review of November, 2023

თანასწორობის მოძრაობა

Equality Movement is a queer organization whose goal is to support the full integration of the LGBTQ+ community and women in society, and at the same time work on eliminating homophobia and sexism in society. The organization provides need-based social and legal service delivery and community mobilization, and works to change public awareness and policy advocacy.

We present to you a review of November, 2023 for Equality Movement.

1. Ordering HIV free self-test on the social network Grindr has become available

Dating app Grindr has partnered with Equality Movement, and getting an HIV self-test and prevention kit has become even easier.

“Grindr for Equality” is a program that has been active for many years and its main goal is to protect the safety, health, and rights of the LGBTQ+ community. The program is actively working to promote and increase access to HIV testing.

Grindr and Equality Movement have a long history of cooperation. If before, the application users were informed about the possibility of receiving an HIV test, condoms and lubricants for free and anonymously in a form of a banner, this time, without leaving the application, users can order the above-mentioned product and receive it at the desired address in just 1 minute. To do this, you need to select “Free HIV Home Test” from the application menu, enter your phone number, desired address and wait for a call from the organization.

According to the organization, delivery times have increased due to the current increase in orders, and the product “Kisa” is out of stock, although customers usually receive other ordered products (HIV test, condoms and lubricants) in non-transparent, white envelopes.

2. Equality Movement conducted a stress resilience training for LGBTQ+ activists

The political instrumentalization of homophobia is one of the important reasons for the vulnerability and insecurity of the LGBTQ+ community. Members of the LGBTQ+ community and activists not only personally face negative, often hostile attitudes based on prejudice and stereotypes, but they also have to support and empower other members of the queer community, sharing their needs and concerns.

In relation to the stressful factors of life and work under such conditions, an outdoor meeting of LGBTQ+ activists was held with the initiative of  Equality Movement, where existing challenges and strategies for the development of stress resistance were discussed with an invited specialist.