Any Form of Law Violation Will Immediately Be Prevented — Ministry of Internal Affairs Regarding the Protest

მედია აპრილი

According to the announcement made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs during the protest happening on Rustaveli, “any form of law violation will immediately be prevented by the police, according to the law, immediately”,

“Employees from the different divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are mobilized around the protest in front of the parliament building, on Rustaveli, in Tbilisi, and they are defending the public order.

Ministry of Internal Affairs calling out to the organizers and participants of the protest, not to exceed the freedom of expression and the norms set out for a peaceful gathering” — it is said in the statement.

Citizens are protesting a reinitiation of the Russian Law by Georgian Dream at the parliament. The legislative authority started reviewing the Russian Law today, April 15.

After around a year and a month of rejecting it, Georgian Dream is bringing back the Russian Law, without any preliminary warning. Mamuka Mdinaradze announced this on April 3rd, and uploaded the draft law which was rejected a year ago on the website of the parliament.

The content of the law is going to be the same, except they will not be using the word “agent”. With this, Georgian Dream is also indicating that what we were calling a Russian law a year ago, we should not call the same this year.

On April 3, Georgian Dream initiated the homophobic draft law, which is against the human rights, and, among other things, contains statements which aim to control gathering and expression, and aims for censorship.